Luna Poke Table

Want to hold a poker gambling game at home or at a party with friends and family?  IDS, we understand the pain of wanting an incredibly built poker table but not wanting to go out of budget. We know that the majority of poker tables out in the market are very expensive and that may not be for everyone. Therefore, we present you the value for money option of buying a poker table for your home. This is the very reason why we decided to have this collection, Luna poker table.

The word “Luna” comes from Latin and it means moon. We find the word “Luna” very fitting for this collection as the word “luna” itself can be a symbolism of “power”. Power is the ultimate feeling of playing poker as playing poker is a competition afterall. By using this name, we want to incorporate the idea of what we want you to feel while playing your poker game on our Luna poker table collection. We set our prices to be value for money but we do not want to give a terrible experience to our players. In fact, we want our players to feel the power of playing poker without paying as much as other poker tables.

Our Luna poker table collection is perfect for practicality and enjoying the fun of playing poker. Luna poker table is a classic Texas Poker Hold’em table that holds up to 10 players at the same time. That’s because we believe the more people there are to participate, the more fun we can get out of the game. The Luna poker table collection is beautifully crafted with professional quality poker surface, vinyl armrest, faux leather and wooden legs. Putting all of these amazing qualities together, you will have a smooth poker game. The adequate care and passion of the craftsmanship build one the best quality poker tables for players to enjoy the game.

All of our Luna poker tables are 96” with cup holders built-in, so you don’t have to worry about spilling your drinks on the table surface. Our poker tables come with different finishing and colors, so you can find the one that fits the aesthetic of your home. We take pride in the quality of this collection and the practicality of it. Come and get your very own Luna poker table and elevate your game nights with your friends and family.