Poker Table

Here’s a brief history of poker:

Germans played a game known as "Pochen" back in the sixteenth century. It was later adapted into a French version called "Poque" back in Europe, which was eventually introduced to New Orleans by the French and played on the riverboats around that region.

The game was developed further in the US through the 1830s and became recognized as Poker. The principal rule and the way to win is about drawing cards to strengthen one's hand and this was the most common way to play poker during the Civil War. Stud Poker, a variation of playing poker, was introduced and played around the same period of time. By far, there are hundreds of different variations of Poker, different cultures and backgrounds may play poker differently. However, poker is played across professional casinos and even in private clubs and homes. Nowadays, professional poker players can earn up to millions of dollars through professional tournaments.

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Game Table for Sale

We want to help you to recreate that casino experience, we have game tables for sale that ensure to help all players get into the game and enjoy the atmosphere of being in a casino. Not only that we also offer home poker tables that are perfect for hosting occasional games with friends and family. We also have a large selection of home poker table tops that can transform your dining tables into high-quality home poker tables.

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