96" Classic Luna Poker Table with Speed Cloth Dealer Spot Drop Box Chip Tray

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IDS Classic Luna Series Poker Table



Here's a story about our Luna series poker table, and when we were going to call this series Luna, my friend asked me, would this Luna have any relationship with the Luna of BXX poker table? I deny it without hesitation. Why Luna? The main reason is that when we fully open our wooden feet, it will take the form of a semicircle, like a half moon, and the two wooden feet are opposite each other, exactly a full moon! "That's cool!"My friend said wordlessly.


Yup, This is Luna Plus, a dealer spot, 500 chip tray, money drop box added.


  • Classic poker table perfectly seats up to 10 positions (9 players + 1 dealer)
  • Easy cleaning faux leather vinyl armrest
  • Water resistance speed cloth by wooden racetrack surrounded
  • Poker dealer Tray holds up to 500 chips
  • Sturdy coated metal construction drop box
  • Wooden half moon legs provide necessary stability also easy to assemble
  • Oval table measures 96 x 43 inches (Poker Chairs, Playing Card and Chips are not included)

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