Space is precious when you live in the urban area and we know that not every apartment can have a casino table. Our full-sized compact collapsing poker tables are the ideal solution for those who need one or more poker tables that can be easily stored away by simply collapsing the legs and storing the poker tables in a closet, utility space, or against the amusement room dividers for quick and easy setup on poker night.

Folding Poker Tables for Sale

Welcome to our lightweight poker table edition! When our IDS had a classic Casino poker table, we thought it's better if we can move the table to any place to hold a gambling tournament. Therefore, we started our collection of folding poker tables. Compared with the conventional 96" classic wooden legs table, the overall weight of the folding poker table has dropped by nearly 20%. The enhancement has increased the mobility of poker tables which also means that there’s no more limit for bringing your game with you everywhere. Our folding poker tables come in different forms and varieties. Our foldable legs table uses iron feet to increase mobility without compromising on the durability and the size has decreased from the traditional 96” to 73”, which is very suitable for friends to play together.