Knight Poker Table

Want to impress your guests with a stylish black poker table at your home? Your friends and family will be thrilled when they see a black poker table at your home. It’s a wonderful way to get the bonding experience with family and guests. We understand that some may not find traditional poker tables to fit into their home aesthetically.  Well, we’ve got you covered with our Knight Poker Table collection, the overall aesthetic of the poker table is unique compared to the classic ones. The idea of “knight” gives the impression of exquisiteness and lavishness and is often associated with nobility. We really want to incorporate that spirit of activeness and exquisiteness into our poker tables to match our players’ attitude. Our dark knight poker table offers a modern and sophisticated look that will fit into your home nicely.

The highlight of our knight poker table collection is the distinctive look and the materials used to craft these masterpieces. IDS’s dark knight poker tables have the stylish look of black poker table with special table legs to enhance the durability of the poker table. Our black poker tables are built with special disc stainless steel feet which gives an extra stability. The table leg and the black poker surface are the highlight of our knight poker table collection which elevates the whole atmosphere of the room. Knowing that the table’s legs are made out of stainless steel, you don’t have to worry about if the table is going to collapse  when you are enjoying your game with your friends and family. They also offer footrest for players to put their feet on while playing poker to give extra comfort. Some of our knight poker tables also include a chip tray where the dealer can easily access during the game.

The knight poker table collection is the classic 96” poker tables with stainless steel cup holders built-in. Therefore, when you are enjoying the poker game with your friends and family, you can just easily put your drinks inside the cup holders so it doesn’t spill. More importantly, we believe that naming our collection using “knight” fits the aggressiveness which is suitable for those of you who are competitive and active during the game. We take huge pride in the built and performance quality of this collection. Now, get your very own knight poker table to play with your friends and family like a true noble.