Offering Customizations

IDS Online store starts to offer the customizations of any poker table on the market! From playing surface to the armrest, USBs, legs, LED light, etc. please contact our customer service for details.

IDS's online store is Here! There are outstanding collections of casino furniture and gaming accessories for both home and casino, which will have great appeal for people. There is no doubt that our casino tables are always at the lowest prices possible and we will ship them by curbside delivery. Expand your collection, check out our store collections now and begin shopping.


Since 2009, IDS's online store has been functioning as a main source of furniture and other merchandise. Head office, Dayton, New Jersey is where the corporation's main office is located. Our company history is why our value-for-added home furnishings are of excellent quality and workmanship are ideal for those on a budget. Obtain the best possible price and the next-to-exact deal availability. There is no need to look any further if you want casino tables. For us, our local customers pick up their items from our warehouse and are given discount points in return. It's possible to have fun without worrying about spending a lot of money.


IDS’s products provide high quality and equal amount of fun without having to pay as much as buying casino tables from other brands. Our casino tables for sale provide comfort, class and durability. Just a touch on the surface of the casino table, you can tell, it is professional casino quality.

At IDS online store

We offer a variety of casino tables such as poker table, craps table and poker table set. We are fascinated by the joy that our customers can get out of playing casino games. We have four different collections for poker tables which are Premium, Luna, Knight and Light series. Our casino tables can cater to a variety of poker, casino and card games. As for our craps tables, we have two collections, the Premium and Light series. The two series can be used to host craps games with friends and family. Enjoy all the fun with our casino tables, we know it can be a great bonding opportunity for everyone involved.

We provide both the highest quality and the most popular poker and craps tables on the market. Because our prices are so competitive, you can have the opportunity to enjoy those lively Las Vegas surroundings in your own personal residence. Having that complete Las Vegas experience in your own residence with your friends and family, isn’t that wonderful? After you purchase poker tables, craps tables and poker tables set from us, your order will be ready to be delivered to you via curbside delivery. Please refer to the tables below for further consideration if you are not sure which one is the table you want to order. If you still have any concerns or if you want any assistance on choosing your very own casino table, we are always available and happy to assist you.


We have to take extra attention in offering a great selection of IDS casino tables. The identical concept applies to all games of chance we enjoy playing at home, such as poker and blackjack, including table stakes; we take the casino table seriously. We are meticulous about the quality of every single piece of casino table for sale. We have a wide selection of the home casino tables for you to choose from, including this one from our online store. Players from a full-sized black-sized tournament quality Texas Hold'em tables will find an entirely different situation. We've taken all our components from the one designed to fit the standards of professional quality and packaged them in a contemporary configuration. An elegant 96” casino-quality Texas Hold 'Em poker table that comfortably seats 10 players.

We have casino tables for sale with a special section that gives the dealer perfect access to all players if you want to recreate that experience, and we also have smaller poker tables and table tops for those looking to buy casino tables online that can host games with friends and family occasionally. We also have a large selection of casino table tops that can transform your regular dining tables into high-quality casino tables.

We have served over thousands of customers throughout the 12 years in the casino table business. We’ve tried to revamp our casino tables over and over again to perfect the quality of casino tables. The casino tables we have now are one of the best versions we’ve had over the decade and our customers are happy with the casino tables we offer. We take great pride in our home casino tables as we do believe the craftsmanship and durability of our home casino tables.

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