IDS Online Store

IDS Online Shop has been in business since 2009. Based in Dayton, New Jersey, we offer easy online shopping for general consumer items. Choose from our superior selection of household products, sports and fitness equipment, and fun recreational items. We have lots of experience and started out selling small, imported products through Amazon™. Then we moved into medium-sized stock, and now we focus on larger items for your home.

Our affordable household goods are medium-to-high quality. The casino tables, outdoor products, and dining sets, for example, are all very reasonably priced and very high quality. Enjoy getting the best price possible and fast delivery. If you are looking for large household items, look no further. Sign up for our newsletter and you'll get updates on our fabulous, new products.

Our local customers automatically receive discounts when they pick up their purchases at our warehouse. You can enjoy big savings this way. Online customers are pleased to find out that we include free shipping to East Coast locations. Contact us to check if your location qualifies for this great bonus.