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IDS CWS 96" Poker Table 2202R

IDS CWS 96" Poker Table 2202R

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Rich configuration

1. 500 slot Metal Chip tray.

2. 10 Jumbo size Cupholders.

3. Waterproof Playing Surface.

4. Single Money Dropbox

Different materials

The leather armrest is made of soft and comfortable first-layer cowhide textured fabric, which perfectly reproduces the luxurious style of the casino

Amazing base

Stable and reliable base

Balance stability with elegance

Simple and quick installation mode

IDS CWS Program

What is CWS Program

CWS is the abbreviation of creative workshop, and it is also an indispensable new program for IDS Online Store to add different types of poker tables.

We will take in and look for ideas from many outside product designers while working with the already-existing craftsmen to translate the design into a functional product under the direction of the CWS project. It is promised that only a small amount will be released each time to make you noble and unique. 

Because the poker table must be made by hand, the production and stocking time of the poker table under CWS becomes longer than that of other IDS Poker regular products. Every customer's poker night will be fantastic thanks to the poker table.

The 2nd CWS 96" Poker Table

CWS 96" Poker Table 2202R is the second poker table launched under the CWS plan. The primary colors are classic red and black, which express an exaggerated feeling of colliding. combine with the unconstrained tablecloth pattern design, which will convey a sense of confrontation to all players during the game process.

Offering Customizations

IDS Online store starts to offer the customizations of any poker table on the market! From playing surface to the armrest, USBs, legs, LED light, etc. please contact our customer service for details.