What's the difference between Standard Felt and Speed Cloth

Standard Felt


Your table will always come with standard velveteen or micro suede playing surface which will do the job. Although there is potential for improvement in several places, according to experienced gamers. While the fibers of both velveteen and microsuede are relatively short and will not pill if you use a filthy deck of cards or have an incompetent dealer, the cards may not slide to each player as well as some would like. A little difficulty arises if you pass the dealer position around the table and become stranded on the long end of the table, needing to deal with the opposite end.
Another "drawback" of any standard felt material is the risk of damage, whether from a spilled drink or from hours of use. Because it is a soft plush material, it is not waterproof and will absorb and discolor liquids that spill over it. We recommend scotch guarding the playing area with any water-resistant spray to give yourself extra time to run and get a towel if an unexpected spill occurs.

Speed Cloth

Speed Cloth

This is the preferred playing surface for hardcore poker players. This material, made of polyester, has a few distinguishing features that make it a popular upgrade. You have a checkered pattern card suit, but it's called speed cloth for a reason. On this substance, cards move easily over eight-foot-long tables with minimal effort or even dealing skills. Players seated at the rounded ends of the bigger oval tables will undoubtedly welcome this. The finest quality that appropriate speed cloth has to offer is its water resistance. Any spilled beverages on this material will give you more time to pick them up before they cause harm to your table.
However, it should be noted that high-speed fabric has the drawback of a risk of being wrinkled possibly; table board after heat expansion and contraction or raising the deformation of the board will create the danger of wrinkle. When the tablecloth wrinkles, it becomes uneven, which is extremely detrimental to the gaming and aesthetic experience. The only way to remedy it is to remove the surrounding armrest or whatever, straighten, and reattach the tablecloth. As a result, the high-speed fabric will require more post-care and maintenance than normal felt.