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IDS CWS 96" Poker Table 2203G

IDS CWS 96" Poker Table 2203G

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IDS Creative Workshop Program

What is CWS, CWS is the abbreviation of creative workshop, and it is also an indispensable new program for IDS Online Store to add different types of poker tables.

We will take in and look for ideas from many outside product designers while working with the already-existing craftsmen to translate the design into a functional product under the direction of the CWS project. It is promised that only a small amount will be released each time to make you noble and unique. 

Because the poker table must be made by hand, the production and stocking time of the poker table under CWS becomes longer than that of other IDS Poker regular products. Every customer's poker night will be fantastic thanks to the poker table.

CWS 96" Poker Table 2203G

CWS 96" Poker Table 2203G is the third poker table launched under the CWS program. The designer attempted to incorporate gambling and rural life this time. The brown and green tones evoke a peaceful and uncomplicated life away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It's a really desirable life to play a game that comes when you get together with your confidants on weekends.


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