IDS Online Store is one of sponsor for Habitat for Humanity

IDS online is a shop that has been operating online since 2009, and it is based in Dayton, New Jersey. We currently offer secure online shopping for our customers. There are thousands of superior items to choose from online, and all of this is just by the click of a button. There is a selection of household products, fun and recreational items, sports and fitness equipment and many others. At IDS online, we have a lot of experience as we started out by selling products through Amazon. We, later on, moved to medium sized stock and we now sell larger items for your home.

Recently IDS online has started working together with Habitat for Humanity, a charity organization in Monmouth County. This is an organization that serves the Northeast and Western Monmouth community. Habitat for Humanity brings people together with the aim of building homes, communities and hope and a vision of appreciating a decent place to live in. The organization is seeking to eliminate substandard housing and also help low-income families to achieve their dream of owning a house through the organization’s service area. Habitat for Humanity in Monmouth County works with the surrounding communities to help people develop affordable and decent housing where people can safely raise their families. The organization is currently serving 83% of Monmouth County. In 2013 the group was selected as a Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project Site in Union Beach for it to continue Sandy Reliefs projects in the area. Through their combined efforts, they successfully built 44 new homes and assisted more than 80 families in the Sandy Reliefs projects in Monmouth. Human for Habitat is an international organization whose vision is the world where everyone has a decent and affordable place to live. The organization believes that safe and affordable housing is a critical foundation for breaking the poverty cycle in the world. Habitat for Humanity currently works in more than 70 countries, and it has helped more than 3 million people construct decent housing since 1976. They welcome people of all races, nationalities, and religions to partner in its mission all over the world.

IDS online has partnered with Habitat for Humanity in Monmouth County where they are helping to build and improve the housing conditions in the area. IDS online donated three poker tables and two patio sets to the restore. According to Habitat for Humanity, the sale of these items will generate funds to help them continue their mission and specifically in the area; the funds generated will be used to keep building new homes and performing critical repairs in their service area. Habitat for Humanity was very impressed with the donation from IDS online and asks any other partner who wants to join in their mission to do so just like IDS online, and they will be serving for the greater good of the community.