Top Home Poker Game Hosting Tips

Top Home Poker Game Hosting Tips

One of the oldest games we play today is poker. The History Channel suggests that the origins of the game go back as far as 1000 years. Coming from China, passing through Persia, then moving to Europe and later coming to the US. The game today is one of the most popular ones around the world. 

Playing poker in a casino, a gambling hall, or a poker club, may have some social effects, but definitely could be highly stressful for the players. The COVID pandemic is not helping such social gatherings either. Due to the lockdowns many casinos, commercial poker rooms, and poker clubs were forced to close. 

Luckily, for the ardent poker players, there is a safe and stress-free alternative – organizing poker games in the comfort of your own home. 

Some people would play poker at their kitchen table. However, this may take some of the pleasure out of the game as compared to the home poker tables. There are certain rules and requirements which need to be taken into account if you are to do this properly. 

Here are the most important tips for hosting a home poker game:

Organizing the Poker Space

Some people will organize a poker game in their living room on the dining table. Surely this may be fun and as many people do not have the appropriate space this could well be the only alternative. 

However, if you want to organize the game properly you should take into account some important space requirements. You will need a better setup than your living room. 

First, you should consider and be prepared for anything between seven and eleven players, and possibly some additional company. Your poker room has to be large enough to accommodate these people and the poker table itself. Cramping players will not facilitate your gaming experience and should be avoided at all costs.     

Home Poker Table

Having determined the necessary space now comes the poker table. 

The best-case scenario will be if you can keep your poker table constantly in its place. If this is not possible, and your “poker space” also has some alternative uses, you may opt for a folding poker table. IDS has a good selection of folding poker tables, which you can review. Check out for instance the 73" Light Series Poker Table with Padded Rails Cup Holders Felt Foldable Legs – it is both efficient and requires a small budget.


However, if you want to impress you should buy a more luxurious casino table. It may be interesting to share that luxury poker tables are not that expensive. Just search for “casino table for home” or “casino table for sale” and you will get a wonderful selection. If you are out to buy a poker table, my advice is to get a premium poker table from IDS online corp. My personal favorite is the Dark Knight Poker Table – an absolute marvel.

Having selected your home casino table now you have to garnish it with the necessary number of home casino poker chairs for your poker guests. Take care that the chairs are as comfortable as possible, for as you know, sometimes the game may stretch for quite some time. 

Now you have your poker room and poker table set and ready for action. 

Additional Entertainment

The poker game is in itself an engulfing entertainment. However, up until now, we have prepared the bare essentials. In order to host a truly unforgettable poker event, you will need to install in your poker room a quality audio system. 

A large TV may also be nice, for your poker guest to re-charge while watching some sports event. And last, but not least – a quality poker game will not go without some refreshments. These could be served on a bar, or on an addition to the poker table.


Having prepared the hardware it is time to go through the “software” needed – the cards for your game.

When buying the cards for your poker event, remember that it is necessary for you to buy purely plastic cards, which have been made for poker. This means that they will have large numbers printed near the edges so that players need not pick up their hands. Rather they can just peek at the corner of the cards. 

When preparing the cards, make sure that you have plenty of spare card decks. This is important, as just one damaged card, will render the whole deck compromised. Hence you will need to have ready replacements.


Games of poker may be possible using matches or what have you, to place your bets. However, a proper poker table will require special poker chips. If your budget is stretched, you may go for the cheaper plastic variety. But should you want to host a classy event, opt for the ceramic chips, that will bring style to your event.

Prior to buying the chips, you have to make the decision on what type of games you will be hosting: tournament games, cash games, or a mix of both. This is important in order to prepare the proper chip denominations for your poker event. 

Once you have your chips in place, you are ready to start inviting your poker guests.

Last Minute

Just before the event, you may need to stock your refreshment bar or refreshment table. It is customary to expect the host to arrange for some snacks. 

Alcohol is a different matter. Although some alcoholic beverages may be in line and expected, the question of their quantity and finance is open. You may determine this in advance with your poker friends, just so that you will evade any misunderstandings and. Some poker communities share the price of alcohol, while some rotate in providing it. Whatever the choice of your poker group, make sure that the quantity of alcohol is not much, as its excess may ruin your poker event in all so many ways.


Now you are absolutely ready to host your first unforgettable poker event. All have been prepared. Now all you have to do is get your best moods, put on your smile, and enjoy the evening. 

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