The Ultimate Guide to Home Poker Table Selection For 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Home Poker Table Selection For 2022

Poker is one of the most fun games to play, be it in a casino, or online. And while we do root for online poker, nothing can really beat the fun and excitement of sitting around a poker table and trying your hand at it.

But while playing poker can be fun, it’s not always fun when you end up sitting with a grumpy old man in a crowded and noisy casino. It’s at times like this that having a poker table for a home can really pay off - especially if you want to improve your game with necessary practice.

But one of the biggest doubts people face before they buy a poker table, is how to select the right table for your game?

Selecting a good poker table isn’t just about it having a bare minimum offer and a nice look - many other things influence the selection of a great poker table. 

And that’s what we are going to be talking about today - about how to buy a great poker table for yourself, the things to consider before buying, and how it may or may not affect your pocket.

We are here to discuss everything about this special home casino table. But before we go ahead, it’s important you leave behind any doubts that might be lingering in your head. 

Let’s have a look at some of the upsides of having a home poker table at your instant disposal.

Benefits Of Home Poker Table

Going to a casino every day might be a difficult thing to do if you are someone with a busy schedule or someone who doesn’t like to travel much.

Many passionate poker lovers, regardless of how good or bad they are at the game, wish to be able to practice regularly so that they can improve their game. 

Although it’s not such a great idea to buy a poker table if you only play once in a while, here are some great reasons why having a home poker table might just be what you need to do.

No Need To Travel

Whether it’s raining outside, you’re being lazy, or the aliens are invading the world - if you want to play poker, you get to play poker. Without leaving your house. For all those who would rather play poker at home, they can save their energy, gas, and time all by simply buying a poker table for home.

Host Games At Your Convenience

Your schedule - or that of a game- is not much in your hands when you are going to a casino or over at someone else’s place to play the game. For regular players, it can be really liberating to hold matches in their own home if they buy a home poker table.

Decide Who You Play With

Playing poker at a casino or at someone else’s place means you can’t pick who you play with. That problem won’t arise if you have your own home poker table. You can invite whoever you want to the game.

Practice And Improve

Poker is not all about luck - rather it’s a game of skill that improves with practice. If you are an amateur player and would love to practice more, having a home poker table will make your goal easier to achieve.

Types Of Poker Table

Before you can buy a perfect poker table for home, you must know the various types of poker tables available. Knowing them all will help you pick the best poker table for home.

There are mainly three types of poker tables in general:

  1. Professional - If you have enough money and space at home to spare, a professional poker table is often the best option to go for. A casino-style poker table for home, this can also be custom made as per your needs.

  1. Foldables - Foldable poker tables are the best option for those who are not gifted with enough space at their homes to work. It’s not just less space-consuming but also easy to store.

  1. Lightweight - The lightweight poker tables aren’t exactly the strongest option out there to explore, but they will work just fine if you handle them carefully. 

Poker tables based on their shape:


Oval - Oval poker tables are perhaps the best choice for a home poker table and if your game does not have a permanent dealer. 

Kidney shaped - One of the most common types found in casinos and card rooms, Kidney shaped poker tables are also called ‘scallop’. This is an ideal poker table if you have a regular dealer.

Round -  A round poker table is perhaps the best choice for home poker games. Consider this if you play poker with a select few people every time in a small setting, then a round poker table would be a perfect choice for you.

Octagonal - An octagonal poker table is a great replacement for a round one with room for more people on there. This poker table can easily adjust eight people around itself - good enough for a home. You can check out this octagonal IDS poker table for reference.

Rectangular - A rectangular poker table is rarely found in casinos but it’s the most common one for homes. Also, rectangular poker tables are easier to make and therefore more budget-friendly to buy for home.

Heads-up - Heads-up poker table is the favorite of those who want to develop their skills in one-on-one poker. Heads-up poker tables are mostly used in tournaments but if you wish to be that specific, you can indulge yourself with it. 

Buying A Poker Table

Only knowing about the types of poker tables won’t do the trick, of course. There are many other things about the table itself that you need to know before you can evaluate your options.

Here are some things you need to consider when you buy a poker table for your home:

Felt And Rail

The Felt and rail of a poker table play a significant role. You can get the traditional green felt at a lower price, but if you are willing to spend more, there are many other color options available.

You must ensure that the felt is of good quality and has high smoothness if you want the cards to slide across easily. This factor becomes even more important if you wish to buy a bigger poker table. Good quality felt would be the one that can stand some spills, chip-riffling, and still stay smooth in texture. 

Some poker tables also come with rails - you have to determine on your own whether you’d like it or not. It can indeed be helpful in providing a place to rest hands or even put drinks.

Shape And Size

The biggest factor determining the shape and size of your home poker table would be the number of players you would be entertaining on most occasions and the leg-room needed.

If you are only going to be playing with a small number of people, say 5-6, then a round or octagonal poker table should be enough for your home.

If you think you are going to be entertaining more people than that, then you can buy a casino-style home poker table. You can check out the beautiful range of IDS casino tables here to get an idea.

Quality And Build

The quality and build of any poker table will definitely affect how long it can stay useful to you - and also how frequently. If you do not plan to use this casino table regularly, then you can get something at cheaper prices too.

However, if you want something of great quality and look, your options are endless. Many poker tables are made with delicate craftsmanship, intricate woodwork, LED lightings, cup-holders, high-quality felt, and rail.

One thing you must keep in mind is the fact that durability shouldn’t be compromised - especially if you intend to hold games regularly. Consider poker tables with metal legs and the one that doesn’t easily shake.

Chairs For Your Poker Table

It might not be at the forefront of everyone’s concerns, but having a good chair can be as important as having a great poker table. As with everything else, it depends on you.

Do you think all your players will be fine with standing around the poker table all the time during a long game? Then don’t invest in chairs. For most other people though, it can get really uncomfortable and awkward.

If you decide to buy chairs for your poker table, make sure you take into consideration the legroom and space that the table would provide - both to you and your chairs. Also, think about the flooring in the game area too - carpets might not be able to take their brunt. Don’t forget to explore IDS casino tables with chairs to check affordable options.

Folding Poker Tables

Space might be an issue for many others - especially if you are someone who moves around a lot. You can consider buying a folding poker table that is easy to fold and put away every time you are done playing.

There are many options available for those who want to buy a folding poker table. In fact, they are much loved because of how easy they are to transport - everyone can have it.

Another benefit of having a folding poker table comes with the fact that in this case, you can literally carry the game (read the poker table) over to your friend’s place.

Some Other Factors To Consider

Having a poker table at home has endless benefits for poker players, but of course, it depends on you. While we often recommend buying a poker table for a home for regular players, the same shouldn’t be done by those who play only occasionally. Consider the following little things:


Also, if you are someone who is very much concerned with the interior design and aesthetics of your home, then do consider that factor before you buy a poker table. Even though it would be best to place it in your game room, not everyone has a game room, to begin with.

In such cases, make sure the color, size, and shape of your poker table fall in line with the interiors of your home and the availability of space. 

Children And Pet

Also, do consider the factors like pets or children. If you have naughty young children or energetic pets, you can definitely expect your poker table (or any other furniture of the house) to suffer at their innocent little cute hands. From spills to them sitting on tops of it, make sure your poker table is sturdy enough to take all that in.


You must ensure that the beautiful poker table that has enamored you can fit in your house properly. And by fitting we don’t just mean the poker table - but also the chairs and people around them.

It won’t be a fun experience if your backs are constantly pressed against the back of your home’s walls while you are considering your next move. 


And at the end, make sure you really do want to buy the poker table. Many people buy things in random bouts of inspiration and then they never use them. 

While it can certainly be fine if your bank balance isn’t taking a hit, do give it a serious thought if spending is gonna affect your pocket considerably.

Playing poker can be a fun, relaxing way to spend time - but you must have the resources and passion for it. 

There are innumerous options for everyone - even those who don’t play all that regularly. Do your research well before you spend money on buying a poker table or any other casino table for home.

Of course, the end decision all lies in your hands and on your bank balance. Have a great time!


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