The Best Poker Tables of 2021

The Best Poker Tables of 2021

Poker tables are an excellent addition to your home. Combining entertainment with class, these tables are the best you can buy in 2021.

Poker is one of the most popular games in the US. As a result, there are many people who want a casino table for home.

Are you looking to buy casino table? If so, you’ll want a high-quality one that lasts for years.

Well, your search ends here. The IDS Online Shop has the best home casino tables around. If you want to buy a poker table, there’s one for everyone’s budget. What’s more, all our tables feature a spacious 96-inch by 43-inch layout.

It may surprise you to know that the best poker tables are not always the most expensive ones. Our reasonably priced poker tables are of the highest quality yet rival those found in any casino.

If you’re looking for a new poker table for sale, then the IDS Online Shop has got you covered. To learn more about the best poker tables of 2021, keep reading.


The Light Series Poker Table features an attractive wood tone racetrack and jet black finish, but it’s a bit different from our other top poker tables.

We designed this casino table with the modern household in mind, as you can conveniently fold it away for space-saving when it’s not in use. Yet, it offers the same attractive looks as all our other premium poker tables.

In fact, its striking aesthetic will make it stand out in any room of your house. More importantly, it has looks that will last.

With the Light Series Poker Table, you’ll enjoy the same solid steadiness as with the rest of our line of premium poker tables. The folding mechanism provides perfect stability. Also, despite its portability, the Light Series Poker Table is full of the same convenient features as our other offerings, such as its ten steel player cup holders.

You’ll also find that the Light Series Poker Table is easy to care for. The water-resistant high-speed armrest makes cleaning up after a big game easy. It’s the perfect portable choice for any poker enthusiast in 2021.


T he Aura Poker Table is the perfect classic casino-style centerpiece for any home game room. Its attractive styling and sturdy design make it a must-have for any poker aficionado.

You’ll immediately notice the careful attention that went into the building of this home casino table as soon as you see it. Like our other gaming tables, you’ll enjoy the look and feel of the best quality gaming equipment on the market with the Aura Poker Table.

It features an extra-thick rail padding made with our characteristic resilient cell sponge foam. It also provides excellent noise insulation and moisture resistance.

Alongside the railing, ten steel cups lie fixed inside the table racetrack. They’re perfect for players who like to keep their beverages close at hand.

The railing is encased in attractive polyurethane leather. More importantly, it creates the perfect armrest, allowing your poker players to relax in comfort during long games.

Our Aura Poker Table features a clearly defined betting line, allowing you to declare chips or cards out of play once they cross the line. Alternatively, you can simply use the line as a friendly reminder so that players know where to place cards and chips, making them easier for the dealer and other players to reach. As a result, you can expect smooth flow and uninterrupted play with the Aura Poker Table. With all these excellent features, you’ll want to make sure to have one of these tables in your home game room.It


The Knight #58 Plus Poker Table is third in our line of premium quality deluxe poker tables. It’s a poker player’s dream come true. It’s ideal for card games, board games, and other forms of family and guest entertaining.

With its decorative diamond inlay, it’s a beautifully crafted playing table. This unit features a sleek, black speed cloth felt and a dealer spot double drop box chip tray. Again, you can customize your poker table with classic green, red, or blue felt.

What’s more, the Knight #58 Plus Poker Table provides both form and function. A thick foam armrest surrounds the table, providing a comfortable place for your guests to rest their arms.

The armrest is finished in beautiful, cozy polyurethane leather. It also features a comfy chrome footrest. Despite its superior craftsmanship, you’ll find that assembling the Knight #58 Plus Poker Table is a breeze. When you’ve completed the assembly, you’ll take great pride in the quality of its finish, and you’ll love how it looks in your home. We’re confident that you’ll find this table is your favorite for years to come.


The casinos aren’t the only ones who can put on a professional poker game. Now, you too can host your own high-stakes poker series with the Knight #70 Plus Poker Table.

It’s a top-notch table that features sleek styling. We make the table using premium wood with an attractive black finish.

A black diamond speed cloth covers the entire surface of this high-quality poker table, guaranteeing you’ll have the perfect playing surface for your games. Alternatively, you can customize this beauty with your choice of classic green, red or blue felt.

The solid frame of the Knight #70 Plus Poker Table will last forever. Also, it can accommodate up to ten players comfortably without feeling cramped or overcrowded. We love how sturdy it feels, even with a full house of people playing.


The Dark Knight #50 Poker Table is your solution for poker elegance and style. This poker table has a beautiful black finish that will remain steadfast with age. What’s more, it has a striking, bold appearance that will let your poker buddies know that you mean business.

This model comes in all black. It even features a contemporary black wood tone racetrack that holds the steel cup holders.

The Dark Knight #50 Poker Table is built tough. It can hold up well against spills and even the roughest of play—so you don’t have to worry about going easy on this professional-grade poker table.

What’s more, it features all the perks that you’d come to expect from IDS Online Shop poker tables. It comes with ten stainless steel cup holders and a chrome footrest surrounding its bold bases.

Despite its menacing appearance, the Dark Knight #50 Poker Table offers exceptional comfort. As with the rest of our line, we’ve made sure to include a comfy, padded armrest to ensure that your guests don’t have to worry about anything but their game. With the Dark Knight #50 Poker Table, you’re sure to impress at your next poker gathering.


The Light Series Poker Table is an artistic expression of style and simplicity. It features classy lines and convenient, foldable legs.

The playing table includes a solid black speed cloth accented with a rich wood-tone trim racetrack. Meanwhile, its sturdy, foldable legs provide functionality and stability.

No matter your personal tastes, there’s a color scheme that meets your needs and desires. The felt of this table is available in a variety of different finishes and colors to match your personal style. You can choose from black, red, green or blue speed cloth.

As with all IDS Online Shop poker tables, it offers a stylish look and durability that you won’t find in any other line of poker tables. This folding solid wood poker table is just what you need to host a quality poker game on a whim.

The Light Series Poker Table With Folding Legs is the ideal poker table to pull out when friends and family members gather during the holidays or any other occasion. You won’t find a better portable poker table than this on today’s market anywhere else—so get yours now while they last.


The Classic Luna Poker Table is made from a beautiful mahogany finish and has a sleek, modern look. It’s the perfect table for game nights or poker tournaments with friends.

This poker table offers classic styling and function. Its stainless-steel cup holders will make it easy to keep your guests’ thirsts quenched while keeping your table in perfect condition.

It’s available in three felt finishes—classic green, black and red. This top-notch poker table also features a drop box chip tray.The entire edge of the table features a comfortable vinyl armrest, and the base is surrounded by a chrome footrest. It’s perfect for keeping devoted poker players comfortable for hours.

We craft all our poker tables with care and passion. As a result, you can count on getting the best poker tables for your home when you trust the IDS Online Shop.

The solid wood legs of the Classic Luna Poker Table add stability and last forever. Still, you’ll find that assembly is easy.This deluxe, professional poker table is perfect for any player looking to enjoy the best of what the IDS Online Shop has to offer. It’s one of those tables that you’ll want around whether there’s a game going on or not.

Entertaining in Style

When it’s your turn to host the game, you want to put your best foot forward. You deserve better than anteing up at the kitchen table or a foldaway picnic table. With our professional poker tables, there’s no need to bluff.

IDS Online Shop poker tables are handcrafted masterpieces. We provide you with the right setting for the occasion.

With our premium gaming tables, you can transport your family members or guests into a different world. As they step up to your table, they’ll think they’ve been transported somewhere else. In no time at all, they’ll feel like they’re in a high-stakes game in Monaco, Macau, or Las Vegas.

All that’s left to do with an IDS Online Shop poker table is to break out the bourbon and the cards, and you’re ready to go all in.

Choosing the Right Poker Table for Your Home

When choosing a poker table, there are a few things that you’ll want to consider. First, you want to make sure that your poker table has plenty of room for all your guests. You also want to think about the type of poker games that you play.

Also, you need to think about the space in your home. Do you have room for a permanent poker table? Alternatively, will a foldaway table serve your needs better?

Here, you’ll want to think about how much room the poker table will take up in your home. If there’s not a lot of space, then you might want to go with a foldaway poker table instead.

Second, what type of games do you plan on playing? If you play Texas Hold ’em regularly, then you may want a poker table with a surface that’s designed specifically for that type of game.

Thinking about these points will enable you to get the most out of your new poker table. Once you’ve considered them, it’s easy to choose the perfect poker table for home games.

Now, all you need is the best poker table manufacturer around. Fortunately, we have the perfect recommendation!

The Best Poker Table Manufacturer Around

Now you know more about the best poker tables of 2021. You’ve also learned about the premier poker table manufacturer on the East Coast—the IDS Online Shop.

With our high-quality home poker tables, you can enjoy all your favorite card games without breaking the bank. What’s more, we have professional tables for all your favorite table games to bring the excitement of the casino right to your home.

If you’ve been looking for the best place to find a casino table for sale, please feel free to browse our online collection of professional gaming tables.

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