5 Luxury Poker Tables For Home

5 Luxury Poker Tables For Home

Furnishing and accessorizing your beloved home is of course something that needs perfect planning and execution. The way you set your home with your preferences adds to the whole essence of your house. Therefore, it is necessary that you choose to keep everything that lightens up your mood and home environment. If you are planning to set a game station or a corner then what you need is the perfect home casino table that will fit your home perfectly. 

What is necessary for your home is a casino table that will go well with your home aesthetics and also fit perfectly in the given space of your house. This article will guide you through some of the best picks of IDS poker tables that you can accommodate in your humble abode. There are certain important factors that you need to look into while getting yourself a luxury poker table. Let us guide you through the specifications so that you will be clear of which poker table you need living in your house with you for fun nights! 

1. 93 Inches Craps Table With Diamond Rubber Green Colour

Homes are now constructed along with gaming areas and recreational rooms, solely for the purpose of unwinding and entertainment. If you are looking for a sturdy home craps table then this 93 inches table would be the perfect one to adorn your gaming area. With the table size being 93x51x36 inches and weighing 258lbs, this casino table for home would be an appropriate fit in your house. The craps layout is of premium quality and has a full drink rail too. 

You don't need to worry about drinks spilling as the cushion rim is covered by water-resistant black vinyl. The table is perfectly set with wooden legs and wooden chip racks along with a pyramid dice rubber on both ends.


  • Price: $1889.00
  • Size: 93x51x36 inches
  • Water-resistant black vinyl used
  • Colour: green

2. Ids Evo Poker Table 

Planning to house a poker game night with 10 players. Worry not because this dashing premium poker table will be the star of your game night. With dimensions of 94x47x30 inches and 10 player positions, it will take up quite a bit of space but is definitely worth an addition to your house. You can experience luxury with its thick leather armrest and will be comfortable even if the game goes on for a few hours. Because of these features, it stands out from the normal classic styles. There is a double copper cup attached to the black ABS polishing belt and the chip dealer tray is made of durable ABS plastic 350 chip tray. The centre of the table is covered with a high-speed cloth. It is water-resistant and the solid claw handcrafted legs are also scratch-resistant which saves you from a lot of cleaning and maintenance. This casino table for sale also is extremely pocket friendly given its features.


  • Price: $1089.00
  • Maximum number of players: 10
  • Easy cleaning vinyl armrest

3. Ids Light Poker Table Series

This table is one of the most popular and best seller pieces in the IDS online corp as this is a folding poker table coming with efficient specifications. This knight’s poker table can accommodate a total of 8 players and therefore is a perfect choice if you hold game nights and tournaments. The table is equipped with heavy-duty steel folding legs that ensure stability wherever it is kept. As it is foldable, it is also easy to store and carry to different locations in and around the house, and will also easily load in your car while travelling. The rails are made with comfortable padding for convenience and come with built-in cup holders, therefore you need not worry about the place getting messy. If you need a versatile poker table then this should be your best bet as you can also plate your favourite board games and cards on it. 


  • Price: $200
  • Unfolded measure: 73x35x30 inches
  • Maximum Players: 8

4. 96 Inches Knight Armour Poker Table With Detachable Armrest Jumbo Cup Holders Chip Tray

You do not have to sacrifice the posh luxury touch that you want to add to your house while setting your gaming area. This knight armour poker table looks absolutely regal with its 96x43 inches measurements and accommodation of 10 players. If you wish to buy a poker table with a casino effect, this table delivers with high-speed cloth and a diamond suited pattern that gives off an elegant vibe. The detachable PU armrest is an added highlight that will catch the eye of many, along with its cup holders. This heavy-duty yet elegant piece can be used for poker nights and games but also be an addition to your home aesthetic. The table base is made of premium stainless steel pedestal style table base. 


  • Price: $1000.00
  • Maximum Players: 10
  • The material used: stainless steel

5. 96 Inches Luna Poker Table With Cup Holders Racetrack Black Speed Cloth

Planning to buy a casino table that is affordable yet super classy looking? This Luna poker table would be your best choice then as it comes with desirable specifications. It can house up to 10 players making it extremely convenient if you host casino home parties. The wooden legs add stability to the table keeping it in place. The armrest provided is made of vinyl chloride which is classic and comfortable for everyone playing. You can party with drinks as they are 10 built-in cup holders for the 10 players. The cup holders are stainless steel, therefore ensuring longevity too. 


  • Dimensions: 96x43x30 inches
  • Price: $830
  • Maximum players: 10

The above given are some of the top pics from the IDS online corp, which you can choose from according to your preferences. Luxury does not just mean size, but also convenience, therefore weigh into all the given factors and choose what is most appropriate for you. The goal is to have a home casino table that is user friendly and easy to maintain so that you have maximum fun on your poker nights!

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