5 Knight Poker Table Ideas For 2021

5 Knight Poker Table Ideas For 2021

Believe it or not, if there is anything that can rival your skills in poker for a win, it’s your choice of the poker table! And no, we are not joking. 

Poker is a highly competitive game and even the smallest leverage you get can be of huge help! But those who have been playing this wager for a long time know how important the role of a poker table is! 

So without further ado, let's go and see what are some of the most inviting and important features of a great poker table if you're planning to buy one for your home!

Picking The Right Poker Table!

First and foremost, you need to identify and determine your expectations. Ask yourself these questions:

How many times do you plan to host a game? Where will you place the table at your home? How much space would you have? What shape or size would you prefer for your poker table? And how much are you willing to spend?

Some of the few things to consider before actually starting to look for a poker table:

1. Felt And Rails Of The Poker Table

The felt and rails are one of the most important factors of a poker table, albeit a bit neglected sometimes. The smoothness of a poker table will determine if cards slide perfectly across the table or not.

2. Size And Shape

Next, you have to consider the size and shape of your poker table. This will largely depend on how much space you have at your home and where you'd like to keep the table. Consider legroom, number of players, and room space to determine the right size and shape of your poker table.

3. Quality Check

You don't want a poker table that can be broken down by a bunch of naughty children jumping on them, do you? Always consider the material and quality of the poker table you're buying - especially if you think there are naughty children or pets at home.

4. Consider Chairs

You're right, you're buying a poker table not a set of chairs! But hey, what's the harm in making sure if the chairs you currently have will match your new poker table or not? You can't stand through a whole or two games! Additionally, if you're also buying new chairs, make sure they go well with your new poker table!

These are all important factors that you must consider if you want to buy a poker table for your home!

If you're still not sure how to go about it, let us help! IDS has some of the best poker tables for home. Check out the Knight poker table collection by IDS for your best available options! 

1. 96" Knight #70 Poker Table With Racetrack Speed Cloth Cup Holders

This deluxe premium poker table is a high-quality product that will bring the experience of casinos straight to your game room! It will be the ultimate addition to your game room - or anywhere else in the house! Not only is this poker table fun and easy to use, but it's also aesthetically pleasing for a home environment!

This professional IDS poker table comes with a solid double base, having been crafted in a solid wood card and covered in speed cloth. A strong foam cushioning provides noise insulation, allowing you to relax as you play your game.


Dimensions: 96 in x 43 in x 30 in

Players: 10

Price: $1020

2. 96" Knight #70 Plus Poker Table With Racetrack Diamond Speed Cloth Cup Holders

This modern IDS professional poker table is a dream come true for many professional players! Built with a solid wood card and covered with diamond-style speed cloth, this deluxe solid double base poker table is highly durable.

Classic cell sponge foam has been used in making this table that provides strong cushioning in case there is a lot of noise. So if you are having a huge poker party with your friends, no worries - this poker table will take care of both fun and peace! 


Dimension: 96 in x 43 in x 30 in 

Players: 10

Price: $1020

3. 96" Dark Knight #49 Plus Poker Table With 500 Metal Chip Trays Jumbo Size Cupholder Speed Cloth Two Drop Boxes

With the idea of restless souls playing to win, this special Dark Knight poker table is a perfect choice if you want to hold several exciting tournaments.

The IDS Dark Knight poker table is crafted in solid wood-card and covered in mysterious and powerful-looking black speed cloth. The padded arms of this poker table are covered in polyurethane leather to provide you with the comfort to rest your arms while playing.


Dimension: 96 x 43 x 30 inches

Players: 10

Price: $1280

4. 96" Knight-Armour Poker Table With Detachable Armrest Jumbo Cup Holders Chip Tray

This amazing Knight-Armour poker table is not just great to play, but also to move in case you are changing places. So if you are someone who moves around a lot, and yet want to have a poker table at your place, here's your answer! 

Equipped with a detachable armrest, the disassembly of this casino poker table will be simple and easy. The beautiful high-speed cloth comes with diamond-suited patterns to give it a regal and attractive look. Play your best moves on the best poker table ever!


Dimension: 96 x 43 inches 

Players: 9 players and 1 dealer

Price: $1000

5. 96" Dark Knight #50 Poker Table With Racetrack Cup Holders Pedestal Base

Another IDS Dark Knight poker table for restless winners and excitable souls! With an outer covering of black speed cloth, this solid double base IDS poker table is crafted in a solid wood card. 

This grand-looking poker table isn’t just powerful in its vibes but also comfortable in its overall structure. Built with cell sponge foam and covered in polyurethane leather, this poker table will provide you with noise insulation and padded railings to rest your arms on.


Dimension: 96 in x 43 in x 30 in 

Players: 10

Price: $1020

So here is the complete list of casino poker tables you can have this year at your home - something not just excellent to play but also aesthetic to place in your house!

Have you yet decided which one you like the best? 

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