5 Great Poker Tables For Your Home Games

5 Great Poker Tables For Your Home Games

Are home parties and game nights complete without poker games? In the post-pandemic world, for the longest time having a party or even an innocent get-together with friends and family. As the world is slowly finding its way through the new norm, everyone is trying to make the best out of it. So, while you get ready to gear up and party in a safe environment, do not worry about making a game night the most exciting event. 

Do yourself a favor and get a casino table for your home that would perfectly fit your home aesthetics and be within your budget. Before finding the right casino table for you, make sure you look into factors like budget, number of players, spacing area, etc. 

We have curated a list of the top 5 recommendations of poker tables for your home setting. Let us dive right in;

1. 12 Foot Deluxe Craps Dice Table With Diamond Rubber

If you are someone who would like to go all extra and can spare space for a whole gaming area, then this IDS poker table would be a smart choice for you. The craps layout is of premium quality and has great finishing to provide smooth convenience while playing. It also comes with a full drink rail for your beverages, making it the coolest home craps table. 

The black vinyl used is water-resistant and the rim cover is padded cushioned, which adds to the comfort for the people playing. The table has steady wooden legs and the chip racks are also wooden. Both ends come with a pyramid dice rubber too. The table size measurements are 136.6 x 51.2 x 35.4 inches. 


  • Price: $2500
  • Maximum number of players: 8
  • Material: Water-resistant black vinyl with wooden legs. 

2. 96 Inches Knight Armour Poker Table With Detachable Armrest Jumbo Cup Holders Chip Tray

Who said knight poker tables cannot be stylish and elegant for a home setting? If you are someone who is constantly worried about mixing aesthetics in your homes, you are saved! This luxury poker table is an amazing addition to your fashionable and rich home settings. 

The poker table can accommodate 9 players and one spot for the dealer, to not miss out on the casino feels. This is one of the first IDS poker tables that is under the dismountable series. The thickness of the pad is improved for better comfort of the players. The cup holder is also larger than usual for bigger cups to fit. 

The cloth used is high-speed for convenience and it has a diamond suited pattern as its design. The table measurements are 96 x 43 inches. 


  • Price: $999
  • Maximum number of players: 10
  • The material used: high-speed PU leather cloth, with stainless steel for the table base. 

3. 96 Inches Light Series Poker Table With Racetrack Cup Holders Speed Cloth Folding Leg

Worried about having more than six players to play a round of poker? Why worry when you can own this elegant yet light home craps table that can accommodate 10 players at a time! The measurements of the table are 96 x 43 x 30 inches. One of the main advantages of using this particular piece is that it is a folding poker table. 

The metal legs can be folded which makes it convenient for you to store in spaces and even transport it elsewhere if necessary. It also comes with 10 built-in cup holders made of stainless steel. The armrest is made of faux leather vinyl which can be easily cleaned and the cloth surface is water-resistant and high-speed. 


  • Price: $830
  • Maximum number of players: 10
  • The material used: faux leather vinyl and water-resistant speed cloth

4. 96 Inches Dark Knight #50 Poker Table With Racetrack Cup Holders Pedestal Base

 Looking for something sophisticated and can match up to your elegant interiors but also want a great functioning knight poker table? This dark night-style poker table is a handsome piece that is built on premium quality solid wood. To give away a mysterious casino look, it also comes with a black speed cloth. 

The premium poker table is made of classic cell sponge foam. It is intact with strong cushioning and is also moisture resistant making it very durable. The size dimensions are 96 x 43 x 30 inches and come with 10  stainless steel cup holders. 


  • Price: $1150
  • Maximum number of players: 10
  • The material used: Polyurethane leather and stainless steel 

5. 73 Inches Light Series Poker Table With Padded Rails Cup Holders Felt Foldable Legs 

Are you not someone who does not want to put aside a lot of space for your home casino table? Space and storage can really be an issue but that need not stop you from owning a home craps table with top-notch quality. This IDS poker table from the light series comes with foldable legs which are made of heavy-duty steel. 

The maximum number of players this folding poker table can accommodate is 8 and it also comes with built-in cup holders on the comfortably padded rails. The versatile nature of the table lets you play other card and board games on it too. The measuring dimensions of the table when unfolded are 73 x 35 x 30 inches. Not only is it convenient to carry and store, but it is also extremely pocket-friendly. 


  • Price: $200
  • Maximum number of players: 8
  • The material used: Heavy-duty steel for the folding legs 

While these are some of our top recommendations for home craps table you are welcome to visit the IDS Poker website to find plenty more that fits your taste. The wide range of options makes it meet several preferences of the customer. Happy playing and happy shopping! 

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