5 Craps Table Ideas For 2021

5 Craps Table Ideas For 2021

Are you a gaming enthusiast? Are you intrigued to build a gaming station for you at home? Post covid time must really make people miss outdoor gaming stations and casinos, but why worry when you can set one up at your home sweet home? You can have your own gaming corner for poker nights but what you need is the right and the most suitable craps table. While looking for a home craps table there are a lot of factors to look into in terms of size, number of players, and if it's portable/foldable or not. Below are some of the best picks from ids online corp from which you can choose the one that will fit your needs well.

1. 12 Foot Deluxe Craps Dice Table With Diamond Rubber

If you want to go all fancy and choose something magnificent for your home, this casino table for home would be perfect for your home space. The craps layout is high quality and comes with a full drink rail. The rim cover is padded and is covered by water-resistant black vinyl. This poker table will have a steady fit in your designated room because of its wooden legs. It also comes with wooden chip racks and pyramid dice rubber on both ends. 

It weighs around 368 lbs, so only choose this casino table if you can manage the weight. Not only will this table give all the right aesthetics for your gaming room, but also make your poker nights extremely entertaining. 


  • Price: $2104
  • Size dimensions: 136.6 x 48.4x 35.4 inches
  • Weight: 369 lbs

2. 3 In 1 Folding Black Face Poker Table Top For Blackjacks And Craps And Casino Game

Don't have a lot of space to accommodate a huge home craps table? Worry not when you can always choose to use foldable poker table tops that are perfect for game nights. If versatility is your favorite factor to notice in a product, then this 3 in 1 foldable home craps table top is what you need. 

This tabletop can accommodate three different casino games. This Craps tabletop is another great to seat 8 players for your game nights. The 8 individual trays available make it convenient for the players when they play. The tabletop is made of premium blue felt material which helps with smooth playing. It is also convenient to carry this tabletop around your house or even for picnics as it comes with a nylon carry bag. 


  • Price: $95
  • Table size: 63x 31 inches 
  • Maximum players: 8 players 

3. 73 Inches Light Series Poker Table With Padded Rails Cup Holders Felt Foldable Legs

If you are a fan of keeping lightweight furniture and home decor, then this ids poker table would be the best choice for you. Easily friendly to the pocket and with foldable legs, this home casino table is extremely easy to fold and store away at your place. Folding poker tables are the best when it comes to changing positions around the house. 

This premium poker table also comes with 8 player positions and the layout that comes with it is extremely brilliant. Make this home craps table your own because the heavy-duty steel folding legs assure you with the stability and longevity of the product. It comes with comfortable padded rails that also have built-in cup holders for the player's convenience. This is again an extremely versatile luxury poker table on which you can play cards and board games. 


  • Price: $200
  • Maximum players: 8 participants
  • Size dimensions: 73x35x30 inches

4. 96 Inches Luna Poker Table With Cup Holders Racetrack Red Speed Cloth 

If your priority is to host and accommodate 10 players per game, then this knight poker table could be a game-changer for you. Buy this casino table if you want to experience what luxury and comfort are while playing poker. There are 10 built-in cup holders so that the players can be comfortable throughout the games. These holders are also stainless steel which assures you a neat and safe environment without drinks getting spilled or apologized to. The armrest is made of vinyl and faux leather and this adds to the comfort and ease of the players. Because faux leather is used on this product, its longevity is also increased. 


  • Process: $790
  • Maximum number of players: 10 
  • Size dimensions: 96x43x30 inches

5. 96 Inches Luna Ultra Poker Table With Speed Cloth Dealer Spot Double DropBox Chip Tray

Own your regality and get this magnificent addition to your gaming station for your poker nights. This knight poker table can accommodate 10 players, therefore it is convenient when you throw house parties. Apart from this, every player has a built-in cup holder each to keep their drinks while playing. 

The faux leather and vinyl armrest make it extremely comfortable for the players and is a great addition to your fun and chill night. The board is made of water-resistant speed cloth, which is smooth in texture and comfortable to use often. Buy this poker table for a reasonable price as it comes with several features that will benefit you and would be a perfect fit for your sweet home.



  • Process: $840
  • Maximum number of players: 10 
  • Size dimensions: 96x43x30 inches

The above-mentioned are some of the best options for craps table ideas in 2021. Gear up your home gaming setting with the best option that suits you. The choices offered to you have a range of prices. Therefore you can choose what is most affordable to you and also choose from the casino tables for sale.  Happy gaming and happy shopping! 

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