Baby Dry Diapers Plus Anti Leakage

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Baby Dry Diapers Plus Anti LeakageåÊåÊ #CMT-DPBD035-S42#{4}åÊ


Dryplus Baby Diaper:åÊ
*Velcro refastenable tapes
*Breathable PE backsheet
*Cloth-like BackSheet
*Elastic Waist Band - Prevent leakage at the back
*Leak Guards - A built-in systems that stops leakage on the side
*Anti-leakage Barrier
*Acquisition layer
*Wetness indicator
*Snug Fit Designx
*Frangrance-Free - Avoid Possible irritation
*Wetness Indicator - Conveniences of knowing when to change
Size: S - 390 x 210mm, 42pcs; M - 440 x 210mm, 36pcs; L - 490 x 210mm, 32pcs; XL - 530 x 230mm, 28pcs.

Package Included: 1 Bag of Baby Diapers