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Poker Size Cut Cards, Fit Copag & Kem Wide Playing Cards

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$ 5.99

Included:Red Cut Card x 2;Blue Cut Card x 2;White Cut Card x 2;Green Cut Card x 2;Yellow Cut Card x 2.

  • This item include five different colors; green, red, yellow, blue, or white. These cut cards are poker size (3 1/2" x 2 1/2") and are professional grade. perfect for Poker sized playing cards
  • Cut cards are often used to mark the shuffle point in a Blackjack Dealer shoe or to hide the bottom card in the deck while playing poker
  • Tip: When perfomring the final cut just before dealing, place the cut portion of the deck onto a cut card. This instantly hides the bottom card and removes any confusion as to which part of the deck was cut