Your favorite Poker table is back - 2022



We know the people have been waiting a long time because we mentioned in the last email that we would be restocking our inventory. Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come. We restocked the majority of the items a few days ago. Please feel free to look over all of the poker tables at Let me point out that some tables that have been sold out for a long time have returned this time. such as Knight #48 and #49.


From 1/27 9:30 am to 2/10 11:59 pm, 4 collections (Craps table / Knight / Luna / Premium) will be automatically discounted by 5% when you check out.

The 96" Light Series Poker Table would be discounted by $30. (could still use 5% discount code after sign up)


By the way, we got restock for most of the table, but the fact that we don't have abundant quantity for every single color. so place the order without hesitation in case the color/model you're interested in will be sold out.


Best Wish,

IDS Online Shop