Let's join 2021 Black Friday Events!

Hello there,

I hope your November is going well. This time, we also have some extremely amazing events for you. From November 5th until November 30th, all events are available. Let's have a look.

1. We reduced the price of the 96" Knight-Armour Poker Table. You will have them for the low price of $999 during the event. Furthermore, if you add a table cover to your cart and check out together, the table cover will be free. COOL! (FYI, there are two links below for the poker table and table cover.)



2. We are offering a previously unseen discount on the Luna table and folding legs table. It says that if you buy any type of 96" poker table, you will receive a 45% discount on a Luna table or a 55% discount on a folding legs table. It's the same as point 1 in that you need to add a Luna table or a folding legs table to your cart and check out using the discount code "45%offtakealunatable" or "55%offtakeafoldinglegtable". It is not possible to mix the code with the table. If it does not function, please contact us at IDSshopify@idsonlinestore.com for more assistance.

If you're still looking for ideas for a Thanksgiving present, we hope this is good news for you. ENVY! (See below for links to the Luna poker table and folding legs table.)



3. This is a very fascinating Thanksgiving celebration. We have a 96" Aura poker table refill as well as a new Aura Plus arrival. from 11/24 9:00 to 11/30 24:00, Aura and Aura plus poker tables in all color will run a fixed price as $1199, compare to original price will have a great mark down. don't miss it.

Furthermore, based on previous years' logistics experience, we warn you that the logistics of November and December may be delayed owing to higher loading demand, so we recommend you make a purchase in advance so you don't lose out on the ideal playing time.

Please contact us at IDSshopify@idsonlinestore.com if you have any more inquiries or questions. Thank you and have fun.