Dining Set White Table Natural Solid Wood Legs Design with Fabric Lounge Chairs

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  • Eames Style Chair was designed to mix contemporary design with classic comfort while looking incredibly modern and stylish. Sleek dining table for the minimalist of small space apartment or studio, ideal for home and office use.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: specially designed to make assembly easy for you! We made most parts pre-assembled, there are only a few pieces left to complete the set!
  • The table has a dimension of 130x75x75 cm; while the chair with a size of 42.5x51.5x88 cm.
  • Chair legs are steel and added with footpads in order to not only make the furniture strong but also to prevent it from slipping away or being easily dragged with a minimal force which hampers the very purpose of a good comfortable fixed classic chair.
  • Both the table and chair frames are constructed of rust-resistant, heavy-duty steel and have been powder coated to increase their lifespans.


Medium Density Fiberboard product

IDS White Table and the table leg are MDF products, built with wooden fibers grinded with residual hardwood and softwood material. Crafted under high temperature and pressure, the wax and resin added into the raw materials make the overall furniture even harder and stouter than plywood. The structure allows easy paint over it and allows covering it up with beautiful artistic hue.


MDF crafted table

Medium Density Fiberboard allows it to be extremely stout and fit. The fiberboard crafting method makes the overall furniture even harder and stouter than plywood or hardwood and one can easily rely on it to be used for sustaining heavy substances as well as for dining purposes without the risk of crackling under pressure like toothpicks under piles of bricks. Our products do not disappoint.


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Soft flannelled fabric

The fabric that covers the chair is flannelled and soft. It provides its user with ease and comfort and also adds to the elegance and softness of its material. The inclination built to ensure that the spine of any person remains adequately upright for lumbar comfort, also makes sure the user can relax without suffering a stiff back.